07 April 2015

This month, we are checking back in on the status of a family that was partnered with Messiah Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids. Melissa is a recently completed participant of the Congregational Partnership Program and hard-working single mother of two (pictured at right).

Melissa has found great success since exiting the program last month. She is currently renting a home in Wyoming, MI, where she is now independently supporting herself and children, with her full time job.

"I eventually want to move towards home ownership. I feel that it is important to have a stable place for my kids," said Melissa. 

Melissa knows the importance of taking her housing success one step at a time, but she feels that the partnership's assistance was what guided her to where she is today, "I will forever be grateful, to not only him (Pastor Tom Bartzsch) and his wife (Daina Bartzsch), but also to the church, the community, and the volunteers (lead volunteer Doris Kayser) for opening up their hearts and helping me to keep the faith." 

The Partnership between Messiah Lutheran and Melissa's family is the kind of experience that embodies what the CPP stands for. 

We are thrilled to announce that Melissa is also the newest addition to the Congregational Partnership Program's Advisory Committee. When Melissa was asked to assist in this role, she was shocked. The Committee consists of a variety of local community and congregation members who provide guidance for the direction of the Program. Melissa provides an even more in depth perspective to an already well-rounded and dynamic group. 

"I am most excited about finding out what opportunities are out there to help with keeping a light on the homelessness in West Michigan," she said.  

She feels she can bring a first-hand account to the Advisory Committee, and cannot wait to help the CPP through new perspective and insight. We know Melissa's input to the program will be valuable as we work to end homelessness in Kent County.

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