How The Salvation Army Can Help

The Salvation Army’s Energy Assistance Services (EAS) seeks to walk alongside low-income households to address energy crises.  In this process an applicant may be offered bill payment assistance, energy company subsidy program enrollment, and case management services.  The goal of these services is to support household financial stability and support the customer in achieving goals they have set for themselves.  In most situations, an EAS Case Specialist will meet with an applicant one on one to determine eligibility and to assess the need or opportunity for additional supports.

Funding for EAS is provided by a grant from the State of Michigan, partnerships with Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, and Michigan Gas Utilities as well as donations from individuals and other corporations.

Please call 616-929-1640​ or visit to find out if you are eligible for assistance. Households do not need to apply at DHS before seeking assistance from The Salvation Army.

How It Works

Each household that requests utility assistance is given a one-on-one interview conducted by our social services staff. During the interview, individual strengths and needs are identified, including the need for utility assistance. Also at this time, past and current use of community resources are explored and household income and expenses are reviewed. This dialogue leads to the development of a service plan to guide the provision of utility assistance. In all cases, eligibility for services is individually determined by our social services staff, based on the comprehensive assessment. Social services staff members then work directly with the utility companies to assist the household financially and to avoid shut off.

The following documents are needed for energy assistance appointments:

  • One form of ID for the applicant such as:
    • Driver’s license
    • State ID
    • Passport or green card
    • Birth certificate
  • Some form of ID for all other household members.
  • Income documentation for the entire household
    •  Need documentation for each source of income that includes 45 days prior to the interview.
    •  If there is a source of income that is meant to remain the same after the interview date (usually child support, unemployment, etc.), documentation is needed to show how much is supposed to be paid during the 30 days after the interview.
  • Completed application form.
  • A current copy of the energy bill. 

If you're interested in an Affordable Payment Plan

Please visit to enroll in CARE (Consumers Affordable Resource for Energy) for Consumers Energy customers or LSP (Low Income Self-Sufficiency Plan) for DTE Energy customers.