Ending Homelessness: Fast Facts
01 June 2015
Below are some facts about Housing First and Rapid Rehousing and why it's seen as a best practice.
Past Participant Spotlight: Melissa
07 April 2015
​This month, we are checking back in on the status of a family that was partnered with Messiah Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids.
Americorps Highlight
13 March 2015
Each year about 23 AmeriCorps members commit to a year of service at one of these locations through the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH).
Partner Spotlight: Messiah Lutheran Church and Partner, Melissa
19 February 2015
Messiah has partnered with a mother and her two children, doubling as a spiritual support and willing resource for the family.
Christmas Gifts from the Hindu Temple!
09 January 2015
We are grateful for several of our partners who have made Christmas extra special this year for many families.
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